These classes are not suitable for the first 6 weeks after having a baby. There are some excellent Pilates exercises that are appropriate and helpful in those first few weeks but again, a specific class would be more appropriate and these classes are not designed for this.

After 6 weeks, if you are medically fit, then these classes are a great way to help strengthen up the pelvic floor and core muscles as well as improving upper body strength, glute strength and posture. All super important after having a baby!

I would strongly advise to pause the classes if any symptoms develop while doing the exercises such as: pain, leaking/incontinence, any feeling of bulging or symptoms of prolapse. This would require a referral to a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist via your GP or midwife. Once assessed, advised and appropriately treated, resuming the Pilates classes may be an excellent part of your rehab and I would be happy to pause your membership until you are able to resume the classes.

Being aware of any tummy separation (diastasis recti) is important at any stage after having a baby. If you see or feel any ‘doming’/bulging or any caving in/collapsing down the midline of your abdominals when doing the exercises and you are unable to correct it by engaging your pelvic floor or core muscles then I would advise you lower the level of the exercise. That might mean following the easier option shown in the corner of the screen until you are strong enough to correct these symptoms. Again, a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist can assess and advise you on this if you are concerned or unsure.